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Finest Chicken & Rice Adult cats (aged over 1 year). High chicken content (30%)

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FormatAvailable formats: 1.5 , 4 & 10 kg


  • Adult cats of all breeds aged over 1 year.
  • With the nutritional value of the best chicken.

Kilina Finest Chicken & Rice Adult Cat is recommended for adult cats of all breeds. It provides them with high value proteins from eligible-for-human-consumption chicken.

Meet even the highest taste requirements, while strengthening your cat’s body defences with a very digestible formula thanks to the rice and chicken content.

Analytical constituents

Analytical constituents

Specific properties

  • HEALTHY BODY: Helps maintaining
    a fit body.
  • Specially recommended for adult
    cats aged 1-8 years
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Strengthens body
  • HEALTHY DIGESTION: Easy to digest. Protects gastrointestinal health.


Dehydrated poultry meat (min 20%), rice (min 15%), corn gluten, poultry fat, corn, hydrolysed chicken protein, beetroot pulp, dehydrated fish, dehydrated egg, fish oil, brewer’s yeast, fructooligosaccharides, mannooligosaccharides, taurine, tagetes erecta extract (source of lutein), L-carnitine, citrus (source of bioflavonoids), chelated minerals and vitamins.

Rationing Table

Rationing Table